/dʒæk / (say jak)

1. a man or fellow.
2. (also upper case) a sailor.
3. any of various mechanical contrivances or devices, as a contrivance for raising heavy weights short distances, most commonly comprising a rack and pinion wheel or screw turned by means of a handle.
4. a device for turning a spit, etc.
5. Cards a playing card bearing the formalised picture of a prince, in most games counting as next below the queen in its suit; knave.
a. a knucklebone or plastic imitation, a set of which is used in a children's game where they are thrown into the air and caught on the back of the hand.
b. (plural) the game itself.
7. Bowls a small white bowl used as a mark for the players to aim at, in the game of bowls.
8. a small union or ensign used by a ship or vessel as a signal, etc., and flown from the jackstaff as an indication of nationality.
9. jackass.
10. jack rabbit.
11. Electricity a socket to which wires of a circuit connect, shaped to receive a plug (jack plug) allowing quick connection with other circuits or devices.
12. Nautical a horizontal bar or crosstree of iron at the topgallant masthead.
13. Music the moving part of the mechanism of early keyboard instruments that holds the quill or plectrum.
14. (plural jack or jacks) any of several carangoid fishes, especially of the genus Caranx.
15. NZ a young male fish.
16. Colloquial a police officer.
17. Colloquial a double-headed coin.
18. (also used with a negative) Colloquial nothing: she doesn't know jack about football.
verb (t)
19. Also, jack up. to lift or move up with or as with a jack, or contrivance for raising.
20. NZ Colloquial to arrange; organise; prepare.
21. every man jack or every manjack, Colloquial everyone without exception. {Phrase Origin: from the use of jack1 (def. 1) in the phrase man jack to mean `an everyman'}
22. I'm all right Jack, (an expression of selfish complacency on the part of the speaker.)
23. jack it up someone, Colloquial (taboo) (of a man) to have sexual intercourse with someone.
24. jack of, Colloquial fed up with.
25. jack off, Chiefly US Colloquial (taboo) (of a male) to masturbate.
26. Jack the dancer, Colloquial cancer.
27. jack up,
a. to lift or move up with or as with a jack, or other contrivance for raising.
b. Colloquial to raise (prices, wages, etc.)
c. Colloquial to be obstinate in refusal; resist.
d. Colloquial (taboo) (of a man) to have sexual intercourse with.
e. Colloquial to inject drugs intravenously.
f. NZ Colloquial to fix up; renovate.
g. NZ Colloquial to arrange; prepare: to jack up a meal; to jack up a party.
28. the house that Jack built, Colloquial a VD clinic.
29. the jack, Colloquial gonorrhoea, or any other venereal disease.
{originally male given name Jack, earlier Jacken, dissimilated variant of Jankin, from Jan John + -kin; def. 18, euphemistic shortened form of jack shit}
Usage: For variation in the plural inflection for def. 14, see note at fish1.
/dʒæk / (say jak)

1. a defensive coat, usually of leather, formerly worn by foot soldiers and others.
2. a container for alcoholic drink, originally of waxed leather coated with tar.
{Middle English iacke, from Old French jaque, jaques, from Spanish jaco, ? from Arabic shakk}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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